In Vivo/Vitro DataLogger


Miniaturized Wireless and Batteryless In Vivo/Vitro datalogger, designed to be comfortable for different animals (Especially small animals) and collect/ Log valuable information about them and their environment

Key Features

  • Comfortable (Ultra-Compact, Wireless, Batteryless)

  • Resistant to harsh environment (Maintenance-free),

  • Embedded temperature sensor (Detect Infections, optimal insemination, etc.)

  • Monitor up to 6 Analog signals,

  • ECG monitoring,

  • DAC providing excitation signal (Practical for Animal study)

  • Configurable and persistent data storage within the device

    (Example: Id, weight evolution, Treatment, Vaccinations, Dates, GPS, etc.)

Main Applications

  • Livestock, 

  • Animal conservation, 

  • Animal clinical study.