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Committed to provide the most advanced, easy to use, Miniaturized, Wireless and
Batteryless solutions

Size and power are the major challenges of an Internet of Things where Trillions of wireless sensors are expected to deliver the needed data. A total of 6 Trillion US$ were spent between 2015 and 2020.

Due to biocompatibility, infections and size concerns, the need for wireless and battery-less systems is evident especially for connected health, In Vivo/Vitro applications, etc.

From a practical, environmental and reliability standpoint, it is also the perfect match for smart utilities and Disposable devices.

For those reasons we are committed to provide the most advanced compact, wireless and Batteryless solutions for applications where the use of wires or battery is not an option.

Maintenance Free Sensors

A Miniaturized Wireless and Batteryless solution targeting maintenance-free sealed sensing applications. Main Applications: Infrastructure inspection (Corrosion, humidity, displacement, pressure...) Packaging, etc.

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In Vivo/Vitro DataLogger

Miniaturized Wireless and Batteryless In Vivo/Vitro datalogger, designed to be comfortable for different animals (Especially small animals) and collect/ Log valuable information about them and their environment. Main applications (Livestock, Animal conservation, Animal clinical study)

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Lab On Chip

Miniaturized Wireless and Batteryless Lab On Chip for Self performed analysis. Main Applications Point Of Care Kit (Preventive screening, Urinalysis, etc.) Electrochemical Sensors (pH, Conductivity, etc.)

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